Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tickled to owen my very first Light up crochet hooks.

I went Michael's Store Friday and caught these Light-Up Crochet Hooks on clearance for only $ 2.99 was 5.99. What a deal!!!


Kathy said...

I have never seen anything like that!! Are they supposed to make crocheting in the dark more feasable?

Let's Go Yarning said...

Kathy I heard that the Light -Up Hooks make it better to see were stitches are in Dark color yarn.I will give it try and let you know. Been sick here last 2 days haven't had a chance to try them yet.I let you know.

Happy Crocheting Joan,

Sherryknit said...

I saw the hooks last week but here they were pretty expensive so I did not get any. You lucky duck.

Did you by chance watch the Olympics???? Some of the girls had crocheted earflap hats on. When I saw them I thought of you.


Molly said...

I wrote a post about these because I just got my first one....did you notice I said first one? I love it and will be getting more. I put some photos on my blog with the hook lit up, when you have time come check it out please. Take care, Molly

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