Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here My Newest Design a Baby Girl Blanket (4 SALE)

Hello everyone I just got done with very own design using Caron Yarn.I chain 150 chain ,you can chain more to make the blanket to be wider . I use a Ripple Stitch .The ripple stitch is *SC,2DC in each chain leaving last chain for SC and Chain 1 Turn .Repeat *step through out the project making it as long as you wont.

Border is DC in second stitch at the begin of starting of the border and cross over and DC in back stitch missed .Then skip stitch next stitch and DC in next and Dc in miss stitch through out the border till done.'

This pattern makes a very pretty Baby Blanket for winter.Also it is a yarn eater .LOLOL But I love the blanket.

E-mail me if interested..
Happy Crocheting Joan,

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By Joan Donaldson

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Newest Baby Afghan Design coming soon.

Hi everyone I'm working on a Girl Baby Afghan and yes it's my own design.I'm using a Ripple stitch and almost done .I will post it soon as it's done.
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