Monday, December 15, 2008

7-Hour Tree Skirt

WOW I finally got my Christmas Tree Skirting done . The picture of the Christmas Tree Skirting is folded in half to give a better view. Now I will get to enjoy the beauty of the tree shirting for 10 days but better yet at lest I will have it for next year.The pattern came from Crochet World Magazine it was called 7- Hour Tree Skirt. ( Skill Level Intermediate )

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogger Award

The rules are that the recipient is to list six things that make him/her happy before subsequently passing forward the glee to others

1. My family, their good health and happiness.
2.Spending time with my family
3.To making crocheting things for friend's and love ones.
4.knowing I did something that I tought I couldn't do.
5.To be a good friend and honest friend.
6.Crocheting makes me happy and a good nerve med.LOLOL

1: Cats-Rockin-Crochet: is very sweet lady and loves to help others and also has a passion for crocheting like me.
2:Yvette : is a very talent at crocheting and a very sweet .
3:Scrap and Crochet : Likes crocheting Barbie Cloths and very talent at it too.
4: Teresa :Is a very sweet and talent person and very helpful for making crocheting video's to help beginners to be able to learn to crochet.She helped me out a lot with her crocheting video's and my credit goes to her .
5:Sherryknit : Is a very nice person .(I would like to get to know her more.)

There are so many out there who deserve an award !!!Reach out today and give your Blogger Friend pat on the back .

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Newest Project Done (Mushroom Toilet Tissue Cover)

Hello everyone I just got done with my newest creation Mushroom Toilet Tissue Cover. The Mushroom Top I made by eyeballing a picture of one similar too this one. The Bottom came from
and the Ladybugs’ Came from.
And the grass I add for a little touch decoration Picot Stitch.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Newest Snowflake

My newest project is a pretty crocheted Snowflakes made with RedHeart Yarn and H hook. I used Teresa video they are so awesome .Check her video's out she can teach any one how to learn to crochet and do any stitch you need to know.

Here the link to Teresa Snowflake Video.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My own Creation (Check Book Cover)

Hi I like to show everyone my newest creation.I used Bernat Yarn and H hook.Tell me what you think?????

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chic Crochet Cloche & Scarf

Hello everyone I just got done with my very first Scarf and Hat Set.I used a I hook and Bon Bon Print color yarn. The pattern came from a online site called the name of the pattern is Chic Crochet Cloche & Scarf.

The Chic Crochet Cloche & Scarf is going to my (Very Best Friend Birthday.)

Tell me what you think?

Happy Crocheting Joan,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Look what I made a Mushroom Wall Decoration with a Mushroom Frig Magnet.

The Mushroom Wall Decoration was my creation and the Mushroom Frig Magnet came me what you think about my very first Crochet Mushrooms ?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finish My Flower Throw

Hi everyone I know this throw looks like a Mile A Mintue Afghan but it's not.I lucked up on this pattern in a bag yarn my daughter got me at a yard sale .The throw is called Flower Throw I have always wonted me a Flower Afghan or Throw so here we go my first Throw I have ever made. The Pattern is from Caron Simply Soft which I can not fine pattern on Caron site this must be very old pattern can't really tell on pattern because some of the date tore off.I used Baby Blush ,Lilca Bud and Pine which is a very dark green and Soft White which its all Caron Simply Soft Yarn I used.I also used H hook. I started this Throw Oct20, and got it done Nov3,. I'm well pleased how it turned out specialy way the colors go together so well.Let me know what you think about my first throw I have ever made?

Happy Crocheting Joan,

Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby Round Ripple Afghan ( 4 Sale)

Hello I just got done with my newest Baby Afghan .The Blanket is called Baby's Round Ripple Afghan.The Border is From Monica Swartzenberg site.The Blanket from

Let me know what you think.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello all my Crocheting Blog Friends .I like to tell you I'm currently working on a Lacy Sun Square Afghan for a Queen bed .That Lacey Sun Afghan is for me and my hubby 25th anniversary which is July 14/09.I still have a while to get it done. I post a picture of it soon as I get it done.
My other Afghan is a mix Afghan with granny squares and my created granny square around a popcorn flower in middle .This afghan is begin done with neon bright colors. I will also post a picture of this afghan soon as it done.Also I do odd and ends on crocheting in between the big Crocheting Projects be sure check back ...

Happy Crocheting Joan,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Crocheting Creation at work !!!

Hello I just got done with my newest Baby Afghan set .The Blanket is called Dream Time Baby's Afghan.Let me know what you think?
Happy Crocheting Joan,
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