Monday, February 16, 2009

Shamrock ( I created.)

Hello just sitting arround tinkering with yarn and made a 3 leaf clover.This is my first time trying to write a pattern. If you have any problem let me know.

Free Pattern...

Yarn Green
Hook Size H Hook

1: Chain 4 not counting loop on Hook
Slip-stitch to form a circle then chain1
2:10 HDC in circle then slip stitch to First HDC
3:Chain 5 skips 2 HDC then slipstitch in next chain then Chain5 skips 2 HDC then slipstitch in next Chain 5 skip next 2 HDC Slip-Stitch in next Chain, Then Slip Stitch another chain over then chain6 ( Total 3 Chain 5 Loops)
SC in the second chain from hook (SC in next 4 Chains
4:Then Slip- Stitch to the bottom first Chain 5 then Slip- Stitch 1 more time into the Chain 5 Loop and Chain 2,
10 DC and Slip- stitch in the next Chain 5 Loop Chain 2 do 9 DC Slip- Stitch in Last Chain 5 loop and Chain 2 and do 9 DC then Slip- Stitch over 1chain and Slip- Stitch too top of the Stem

All of my Designs posted on this blog are copyright protected .Please share the link not the pattern.
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