Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shell Bookmark Cross's

Hello I just finished my first 4 Shell Cross Bookmarks.I used size 3 Thread Blue,Pink,Orange,Purple, Yellow and White and size 0/3.25mm Thread Hook . The video I use was from Teresa Youtube click on the Title *Shell Bookmark Cross* to get the link.
Tell me what you think about my first Crochet Cross bookmarks?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 Leaf Clovers (My Newest Creation ..)

All of my Creation posted on this blog are copyright ...
By Joan Donaldson

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4 Leaf Clovers
Yarn Green
Hook Size H Hook
NOTE:All Stitches worked in the Circle…

Chain 4 not counting loop on Hook.
Slip –Stitch to begin chain,to form a circle Chain 1 (Is First HDC) 3 DC, 1HDC THEN Slip-Stitch Chain 1, 3DC, 1HDC then Slipstitch chain 4 then SC back up chain to make Stem.
Finish make other 2 Clover leafs.
Slip-Stitch Chain 1, 3DC, 1HDC then Slip-Stitch, Chain 1, 3DC, 1HDC then Slip-Stitch to begin HDC ,

These pretty 4 Leaf Clovers can be use for Pins, Magnets, and Applique.

All of my Designs posted on this blog are copyright protected .Please share the link not the pattern.
By Joan Donaldson
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