Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prayer Request for 14 months old Maverick Samples

Prayer Request for Maverick Samples.

To All Please Pray for Maverick He is 14 Month's Old.
Maverick has a Growth and Dr is not sure what type they are calling it a tumor right now.
He will be having surgery Monday @ 8:00 A.M. @ Scottish rite Hospital in Atlanta Ga.
This Growth has eaten thru the bone on the right eye brow section and it covers from the right ear line all the way across to the left side it is all the way across the fore head. It is putting pressure on his brain and the DR doesn't know if it is in the brain or not at this time they will know more when they get in their and see what’s going on. It has also has grown around the major blood vessel that goes to the heart. Please pray for him he is so sweet and loving. Always got a smile.
Thank you in Advance for the Prayers:



Selene said...

Thsak You Joan Maverick is so loving all I can do is cry.

Sherryknit said...

Poor Baby, I will say prayers for the little one!!!!! Plus the family May God Give Them The Strength That They Need Now.

Let's Go Yarning said...

Thanks Sherry for the prayers.Please tell everyone you know to pray for Maverick he in need of powerful praying.The bible says were 2 or 3 gether in his name thier he is in the mist.

This massage is on my heart this morning it may not be like the Bible but that is what I rember of the script...


Selene said...

Thanks for helping get teh word out we went to church this morning and if was a laying on hands healing church called The Light House out from clayton school. the preacher anointed & held Mavrick and the pain that was on his face and the tears that flowed from his face was like a river many tears. I got some relife this morning. God is hearing our prayers. I put mavricks pic as my screen saver.we will be leaving at 3 A.M. Monday morning. I will call you after 9 unless it's bad news. shoot you know you can't wait that long I will call you an make it short to save your time. Selene

Anonymous said...

An Up Date, In Sept 2009 Mavrick had another Hospital visit.
He was running high fever's the Dr.'s do not know why. they did test an did another MRI it showed that the LCH has not went away nor has it grown it's frozed I'm guessing at this point. They can't give an explanation of why it's not going away. They gave him 2 other med.'s to take only on weekend's ths is so worrie some. Jessica need's prayer she is so stressed an is fearful that she will lose him. He's walking and Talking more everybody is MaMa, LOL it so cue how he says it. he is still as pretty as ever. Jordyn goes ofr test in Jan 2010 for Secisors if I spelled it right.
take care thank you all for the prayer's.

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