Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Needed Oval Tablcloth Please !!

Hi Everyone I am
looking for a pattern for a one piece oval tablcloth. I want something lacy and
elegant. I have a large oval table that I am wanting to make the tablecloth for.
I have looked all over the net for one and did not know that oval tablecloths
were so hard to find. I want a one piece one so that I will not have to piece
the tablecloth together. i sure would appreciate it for you could give me a
website or place that I might buy the pattern. I do not want it to be a
pineapple one because I have quite a bit of trouble with pineapples. No filet
either just plain ole crochet. Thanks so much.


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Dot said...

Did you ever find an oval tablecloth pattern? I might have one in my stacks of books. Let me know...

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