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Friday, July 26, 2013

My own personal crocheted flower curtain tie backs

Yarn used: Caron
Hook size H

Chain 50
1- 5 row SC 50 Sc Total
6 row SC 45 then chain 2 skip 2 SC IN THE LAST 3  SC
7-12  SC in each stitch across Total 50 SC Fasten off
8 Sc along bottom only that is for the  Ruffles can be different color
9 3 Dc in each SC across SC around the  whole  tieback to other end  Fasten off
10 Fold the Tie back   on opposite side from button whole about 3 inches and add Button  in center and  tack down top side fold area.
11. Take Plastic ring and hold near the top corner were you folded  and tack down and slip-stitch it to the tieback and SC in plastic ring till full and slip-stitch to close and  sew in strings
 12; Make 2 Curtain tie backs just flip second Tieback and do steps 1-12 Rows to work for oppose side of the curatin.Just make sure  button whole on  right side when flipping.

chain 5 SC chain 4 Sc in ring 5 Times
slip-stitch to loop and ***chain1 SC,HD,2 DC HD,SC ***and repeat steps  in *** do in all loops
slip-stitch last ***SC  then chain 5 and SC in each POST OR SPIKE  ***repeat **** 5 Times
Then ***lip-stitch to chain 5 loop and SC,HD,3DC,HD.SC in each chain 5 loop Repeat*** *** in each 5 loops and slip-stitch in the beginning SC Fasten off flower  done

Happy Crocheting Joan,

All of my Designs posted on this blog are copyright protected .Please share the link not the pattern.
By Joan Donaldson

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